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Dr. Prokupek uses BOTOX® for a variety of cosmetic treatments. Botox is considered by many in the field of cosmetic medicine to be a "wonder drug."  BOTOX® is a neuromodulator; neuromodulators relax the muscle being targeted and prevent its activity.  This helps to slow the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.  Dr. Prokupek uses Botox to cosmetically achieve a more restful and smooth appearance of the areas being treated.  The procedure is quick taking no more than 15 minutes and there no downtime.  Dr. Prokupek never dilutes his Botox which wich may give you the best results.  The effects develop within three to five days and usually last from three to six months.  Occasionally, a touch-up may be required and will take place two weeks after the first treatment to ensure the Botox has achieved its maximum benefit, all at no additional cost to you!

Discover what might be proven results that 11 million women and men have experienced. With real, what might be noticeable results, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons why BOTOX® Cosmetic has been chosen by millions of women and their doctors. BOTOX® Cosmetic may be the one for you. You may feel that the moderate to severe glabellar lines between your brows make you look tired or unapproachable, or have other reasons for being curious about Botox Cosmetic.

Dr. Prokupek uses BOTOX® to treat a number of locations, including between the eyebrows, forehead, eye area, smile lines, chin, neck, jaw muscle, and migraines.

When should I get BOTOX®?

Most men and women begin BOTOX® treatments in their 30's to reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging. However, BOTOX® can also be used as a preventive treatment to stop wrinkles before they even happen.

For example, someone who regularly purses his/her lips and furrows their brow out of habit might start to get lines around their mouth and forehead.  Dr. Prokupek can inject BOTOX® in the right places to help train a person’s face to no longer fall into that habit.  When you start to develop the earliest sign of expression or resting wrinkles, this is the best time to start treating them, before wrinkles start to stick.

Where can I get BOTOX®? 


BOTOX® can also be used to treat chronic migraines by preventing headaches and migraines before they even start.


How many units of BOTOX® will I need?





+ What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX Cosmetic is the only approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX is used to achieve a more restful and smooth appearance to the areas treated.

+ How much does BOTOX® cost?

Botox™ at Aesthetic Body Solutions is $12/unit. But call us and ask about any specials we may be having!

+ How does BOTOX® Cosmetic work?

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by the reduction of collagen or damage which might result from free radicals in the sun and environment. The primary underlying cause is by the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years. BOTOX Cosmetic works beneath the skin’s surface and targets these muscles to reduce muscle activity temporarily. You will notice those fine lines and wrinkles smooth out, creating a more restful look.

+ What should I expect with treatment?

Dr. Prokupek will first discuss your treatment goals and perform a facial examination to decide the appropriate treatment for you.

The procedure process is quick and easy taking no more than 15 minutes with no downtime or recovery. You will be able to continue with your normal routine immediately after your office visit. You may notice visible results within three to five days and usually last from three to six months.

+ Does BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment hurt?

Most patients describe the injection to feel like a pinch. Dr. Prokupek will apply ice to numb the area being treated. If you’re concerned about discomfort, ask Dr. Prokupek about applying a topical numbing cream before starting the treatment.

+ Will BOTOX® Cosmetic make me look like I’ve had work done?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a technique-sensitive treatment. Dr. Prokupek is known for his gentle touch giving you that natural yet visible look.



*Individual Results May Vary